Kayaker’s Post Here..

Anclote Key Preserve State Park and the historic Lighthouse are located aprox. 3 miles miles from the mouth of the Anclote River. The paddle takes about 2 hours across rough open-water. Boat traffic is very dangerous with vessels traveling at full speed. The Key is best visited at low tide to experience the Bahama-like shallows surrounding the southern beach. There is a year-round camping on the northern end of the island. If open water kayaking is your thing we suggest taking along a spray skirt for your sit-in. It is very easy to get capsized in the rough waters. Just last week two Kayakers in one Kayak came to the south end of the Island in the morning seas and by afternoon they were stranded due to the increasing wind speed and very rough waters. Lucky for them I was on the Island and able to put their Kayak and 2 very happy people in my boat and give them safe passage to the Howard Park area. Please always check the winds and weather before making the trip.

Visitors View / Kayak Trip To Anclote Key


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