About The Blog

This is a Blog for the Island Campers and visitors to the Island. Share your activities and camping experiences. The Moderator of this Blog is the Island State Park Resident Ranger. More to come later.


8 Responses to About The Blog

  1. Dave Birkenhauer says:

    I joined a volunteer group to help deliver and install a cultural artifact to Anclote Key (a boat winch) today. There were five of us including Chris, the resident ranger, who had planned out the logistics of moving the heavy (500 lb.) item to its installation site. A combination of teamwork and good luck led to the successful accomplishment of our task in a surprisingly short time.

    It was a perfect day for the trip from Honeymoon Island to Anclote Key. As we departed Anclote to return to Honeymoon, we were treated to the sight of two adult dolphins teaching their baby to catch fish, about ten feet away from our boat!

    Thanks, Chris for another unforgettable Anclote adventure. And than you for taking care of that wonderful island you call home.

  2. Moderator Chris says:

    Thanks Dave for your comments to the Blog and most of all thanks for coming out to volunteer on your day off from being a Honeymoon Island Park Ranger.

  3. Greg says:

    Hi Chris,
    I am trying to upload a picture to the blog like you asked but I am having trouble. Can you please explain how to get pictures onto the website? I could also e-mail the pics to you if that is easier. Thanks.

    • Moderator Chris says:

      Hi Greg,
      Yes, please email the pics.
      The Blog is not set up to except uploads of pictures from users…just me.
      Thanks for concern.

  4. Bill Enwall says:

    I was at Anclote key for about five days with the Americorps South team helping build a firebreak around the residence house and lighthouse. The island is incredibly beautiful and was amazing to camp on. If you are to camp here I would strongly suggest making sure your tent’s mesh can withstand noseeums or that you have some kind of citronella in your tent so the pesky flies do not interrupt a good nights rest (Thanks again Chris for the candles, they worked wonders). Also, if you can plan your trip so as to see the view from the light house DO IT!!! The view from there was AWESOME!

    • Moderator Chris says:

      You and your AmeriCorps South Crew are the best ever. You guys made it through tough camping conditions with the bugs and worked hard to finish cutting in fire breaks for the Island and resident area. Your team cut down many trees and palms and did it like professionals. The Island could use you guys again sometime I am sure.

  5. Rahan says:

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