Don’t Let This Happen To You…

Don't let this happen to you !

Don’t let this happen to you !

Dreaming of a glowing fire, your hubby sets out with his ax to chop wood for the campfire as you put up the tent.
Images of roasting marshmallows dance in your head until you hear “UGH! OUCH! HELP!” echo throughout the campground.
Instead of chopping wood, your Paul Bunyan has cut his knee.
When it comes to camping mishaps, the list is a mile long and this one is on top, experts say.
Campers need to remember they are dealing with a sharp tool when chopping wood. The wood should be stabilized so it won’t move, said Chris Berner, Park Ranger at Anclote Key Island.
Inexperience is the main cause of camping disasters that range from forgetting a can opener to burning down your trailer.
Because animals are attracted to smells, it’s important to keep food in airtight containers.
Animals can be a camper’s nightmare. They can send you to the store for more food or to the hospital for rabies shots.
The Racoons on Anclote Key are plentiful and hungry. They will get to the food. They will claw at your tent in the middle of the night. Be prepaired for the racoons.
Remember this, Camping on Anclote Key’s North Sandbar is a thought because there are no Racoons there.
Never leave food in a tent. If hungry enough, a 200-pound Racoon will try his darndest to get into the Tent.
“Don’t leave anything on a table. Racoons can be very ingenious about opening coolers.
“The guidebooks say to hang food at least 15 feet up and away from the trunk of a tree,”.
Not being prepared is another mistake campers make, “It’s real easy not to be completely prepared because you’re so used to what you’ve got at home.
“If you’re going to fix a meal you have to think out thoroughly every step. How are you going to open the can? How are you going to cook it? How are you going to take it off the fire? What are you going to eat it with?
A checklist is a great idea to prevent leaving important things at home.

This is an ongoing problem on Anclote Key. You must know the tides and make a note of them for your day on the Island, also you need 2 Anchors for your boat with strong rope that is not going to break. Campers come out of there tent in the morning and there is no boat there….this happens alot.
SEA TOW and/or BOATS US Tow Service membership is a must because if you ignore the tides you will be high and dry when ready to leave.
The list goes on…later

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