Island & Lighthouse Volunteers

A few of the duties:
Chainsaw operators who have there own tree business and are very experienced in the use of chain saw work and cutting up trees.
Lighthouse Maintenance work like touch up painting. The Lighthouse and patrs of the Island are in need of volunteers who have there own boat for transportation to and from the Island.
The job comes with perks… mabey you should ask what they are!

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2 Responses to Island & Lighthouse Volunteers

  1. Joyce L. Potkay says:


    I have been out to Anclote Key one time and fell in love with it. What a beautiful and peaceful spot to spend a day. I am interested in volunteering for grounds work. Unfortunately, I do not own or have access to a boat. Are there any solutions to my particular problem of not having a boat?


  2. Scott Tucker says:


    The Friends of Anclote go out to the island every month, depending on weather, to work. We try for the third saturday of each month. But, as you know, our and the ranger’s schedule don’t always coincide. If you would like more information about coming to our meetings we have at Honeymoon Island or work days at Anclote Key, please call ranger Chris.

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