Island Visitors and Campers!

Lets hear about your Island Experience…..

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11 Responses to Island Visitors and Campers!

  1. Hi, Welcome to your camping experience Blog. Post your experience so other campers can learn from your time on the Island. Share your story!

  2. My family and some friends went camping on Anclote Island on March 18th 2011.
    It was a full moon and a clear star filled night. Absolutly beautiful!! We got on the Island around 2:00 p.m. The weather was perfect. The children went tubing and swam all day. They walked the beach looking for shells and creatures. Came back with perfect shaped sand dollars and all sorts of shells. As the sun set, which by the way (on the gulf side of the Island), was the most spectacular site seen. After, we all headed back to our campsite and sat around a camp fire and had smores. The night was cool without a bug in sight. Perfect !!!

  3. joyce says:


    We are thinking of coming out to your Island. Tell me, is topless sunbathing allowed?

    • Moderator Chris says:

      I am sorry to say “NO” this is a Florida State Park. Just so you know the rules, nudity is not allowed in any Florida State Park at this time. I know we have here, miles of deserted beach and it is tempting, but please stick to the rules of the park.

    • Steve says:

      I always see people on their boats nude sunbathing anchored and skinny dippn. Is this accepted if you stay off the island and out of site of others? I have read local state laws on nudity but does not seem to get too detailed if you are on the water.

      • That is a loaded question. As the Resident Ranger on Anclote Key I can tell you this. Nudity is not allowed on the Island as it is a State Park. Florida State Parks do not allow nudity or topless sunbathing. Out here off Tarpon Springs these Islands called “The Anclote Keys” which is Three Rooker Island, Anclote Key, North Anclote Sandbar, are all Florida State Parks. Know this: Florida Park Rangers are not Law Enforcement, so if I was you I would call Fish & Wildlife or your local Law Enforcement who has boats on the water.
        I am sorry I could not give you the answer you wanted here.

  4. Patrick Murphy says:

    I went to Anclote this past weekend and it appeared to me that the Islands have no friends. Who was the genius who made the decision that it was necessary to kill all of the trees. The island is now ugly, unappealing, and the sandspurs are taking over. Where once the Australian pines created a shady canopy and their pine needles made a thick carpet under the trees has now become an ugly sandspur covered mess, unable to be walked on. Shame on whoever did this. I’m sure you’re going to say they are nonnative and needed to be removed, but they were much better than whats there now. Sandspurs are non-native so when will someone get to work getting rid of them.

  5. Frank Fernandez says:

    Hi, I am knew to the area and my kids and i would love to go camping on the island, as I was reading the website notice that coral and rattle snakes are comon on the island. would you say is safe to camp on the island, is there a good place for us to camp safely? any tips would be appriciate it so we could have a safe time without a bad encounter. Thanks in advance.

    • Moderator Chris says:

      Hello Frank,
      Yes, you are right…..there are rattle snakes on the Island, although in the 5 years I have been living on the Island I have never seen a coral snake. Camping here on the Island is all about beach camping. Putting your tent on the beach. I do not advise going into the woods or brush areas. I have never heard anywhere or any time about anyone getting bit by a snake on the Island. Sting Rays yes, but not snakes. Remember it is primative Island camping, so be prepared for anything and everything you can think of. The bugs here are where most of the complaints are.

  6. Frank Fernandez says:

    Thanks thats a good idea, we ll probably camp on the sand bar and go to the island during the daytime.

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