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Dreaming of a glowing fire, your hubby sets out with his ax to chop wood for the campfire as you put up the tent. Images of roasting marshmallows dance in your head until you hear “UGH! OUCH! HELP!” echo throughout … Continue reading

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Camping On Anclote Key

Island Camping, FYI – All camping is on the northern part of the Island only. Please carry out all you garbage and trash with you and if you need a garbage bag please call the Park @ 727-638-4447. Also, you … Continue reading

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Island & Lighthouse Volunteers

A few of the duties: Chainsaw operators who have there own tree business and are very experienced in the use of chain saw work and cutting up trees. Lighthouse Maintenance work like touch up painting. The Lighthouse and patrs of … Continue reading

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Lighthouse Tours

The lighthouse is not open to the public on a regular basis, But….we do open the doors at specific dates and times. If you have been to the top, lets hear what you have to say about it and the … Continue reading

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Island Visitors and Campers!

Lets hear about your Island Experience…..

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